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Plus Minus Three Industrial Co,. Ltd.

China CNC Machining,Milling,Turning, Springs, cold forming parts, machini...

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We are China machining parts,  metal stamping parts,  turning parts,  cnc parts,  Springs, cold forming parts,  machining parts,  screw machine parts,  casting parts,  forging parts supplier,  We can produce machined parts according to your requirements.
Machining parts: Hydraulic,  Valve,  Fange,  Automobile,  Shaft,  Bearing Housing Bar,  Plate, Welded Part,  Marine Part,  Winch Part,  Sheet metal.
Equipment:  Common lathe, CNC Machine, Milling, Turning, Stamping Machine, Spring Machine.
metal Process:  CNC Machining,CNC Precision Machining,CNC,CNC Milling,CNC Drilling,CNC Turning,CNC Tapping,CNC CAD, China CNC Machining Supplier. 
Surface Treatment:  Zn (Cr3 RoHS free or Cr6 ) plated,  Cr /Ni plated,  Hot-dip galvanizing,  Paint,  Anodize,  Powder coating, Brush,  Polish.
Technical:  Dedicated mechanical designer,  experienced... [Details]